Ultimate Seal Tire Sealant

Our story starts nearly 20 years ago in a lab where our formula was tried and perfected to create the product that we have today. We have also tried and tested our product in the real world and know that it can seal and protect ANY tire. We saw a need within our world to seal and prevent leaks in tires because there are so many people affected when tire pressure is low or when their tires have been cut or punctured. We knew that there had to be a better way that wasn't just a temporary fix, but that could provide a real solution for businesses and people.

The world around us runs on tires, whether it is the trucking company that is hauling products to a major retailer or the company that has cars, vans or trucks in its fleet. There are tires for construction and mining equipment, farming and agricultural machines, high performance and off-road racing, and even airplanes and jets still land on tires. If you also see the vision of a world of tires in need then Contact Us



Our goal is to protect and seal every tire in the world with Ultimate Seal Tire Sealant.